Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam

Division 4: Earthworm Studies

Ongoning works.....

[Dr. A.P. Thomas, Dr. E.V. Ramasamy, Dr. G. Christopher, Dr. Sylas V.P., Prasanth Narayanan S., S. Shathrumithra, Dinu Kuriakose, Sethulekshmi Bhai K.C., Anuja R.]

1. Survey of earthworms in Kerala

2. Role of selected earthworms and associated microbes in soil fertility

3. Earthworm communities in Forest & Agro-ecosystems: a spatio - temporal analysis

4. Role of earthworms in the detoxification of soil pollutants

5. A study on the biology of earthworms in the selected areas of Kottayam district, Kerala