Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam

Division 2: Green Chemistry and Technology

Ongoning works.....

1, Biomaterial development

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindkumar, Jissy Mathew, and Jisha Chandran)

1. Design of bioactive surfaces through layer by layer approach for protein purification

2. Multilayer protein adsorbed film design for drug delivery applications

2. Recovery of nutrients / green fertilizer

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindkumar Disha V.J, and Shalumon)

1. Green fertilizer: fabrication of eco -friendly filters

2. Removal and concentration of nutrients from waste water

3. Removal of Micro pollutants

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindkumar, Mary Lidiya Mathew, and Akhil, G)

1. Design and development of various polyelectrolyte composite membrane systems for environmental applications, removal of pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals from water

2. low pressure filters for the removal of industrial waste 3. Composite membranes for the removal of herbicides and heavy metals

4. Clean Energy – Fuel cells

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindkumar and Akhil. G)

1. Development of proton exchange membrane for energy related applications

2. polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes for low humidity low temperature direct methanol fuel cells

5. Emerging contaminants in food matrix and environment

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindkumar, Subha Sasi, and Manoj P.R)

1. Pollution status of water bodies due to agricultural runoff, Emerging pollutants, Membrane bio reactor

2. Screening of emerging pollutants using advanced instrumentation such as High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

6. Sustainable sanitation

(Dr. K. Usha and Anjali Venugopal)

1. Survey, design and implementation of sustainable sanitation units

7. Protein-drug interaction studies using bio physical methods

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindakumar Manju Mathew, and Sreedhanya. S)

1. Spectroscopic studies of interaction of proteins with drugs and pollutants

2. Protein conformation and properties studies on interaction with various foreign materials under simulated biological environment

8. Biosensors

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindakumar, Divya Lakshmi, and Manju Mathew)

1. Development of surface designed sensors for the detection of minute amount of pollutant molecules such as hydrogen peroxide, mercuric chloride

9. Advanced oxidation process

(Dr. K. Usha, Dr. C. T. Aravindakumar, Subha Sasi, Manoj P.R, and Nejumal K.K, Misha T. Elias)

1. Detection of PCPs using LC/MS/MS, degradation of certain pharmaceuticals using advanced oxidation processes

2. Degradation of emerging pollutants by advanced oxidation processes (AOP’s)