Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam

Division 1: Climate Change Studies

Ongoning works.....

[Dr. A.P. Thomas, Dr. Mahesh Mohan, Dr. Sylas V.P., Dr. Sreekanth N.P., Dr. Shanthi Prabha V., Babu Padmakumar, Poornima Baby, Vijo Thomas Kurien, Renjini J, Elvin Thomas]

1. Soil carbon dynamics of multiple landuse categories

2. Carbon and green house gas dynamics of wetland rice soils with special reference to biochar application

3. Carbon sequestration status of selected forest ecosystems of Kerala

4. Role of soil biota in soil carbon sequestration and green house gas emission under different agricultural practices.

5. Soil respiration in different soils and landuse categories from a climate change prespective.

6. Seed characteristics and persistence of a large-seeded and small-seeded species of genus Cleome under drought stress: a study on the adaptation of plants in a climate change scenario.

7. A study on the carbon sequestration potential and the role of related biochemical indicators in different agricultural soils from a climate change perspective.